Launched prior to the Calgary 2013 Civic Election, VoteKit is a volunteer-run project that aims to remove barriers to voting by sharing non-partisan information on elections and knowledge about how to vote. At VoteKit we want everyone who can vote to vote.

  • VoteKit 1.0: The Wrap Up

    By Michael Ireton | The campaigns are over, the lawn signs have disappeared like the leaves from the trees, and the 2013 municipal election in Calgary is in the history books. It’s hard to believe more than a month has passed since the election! What used to be “Aldermen” are now “Councillors”–and there are 4 […]

  • Everyday Political Citizens

    By Alison Loat | With all the excitement elections generate in the media and among those who follow politics, it can be easy to forget that building a healthy democratic culture requires not only voting, but finding ways to participate in between elections.  Too often after the votes are tallied, pundits take a day or […]

  • VoteKit LIVE!: The comic strip – Part 2

    So, I’ve been a bit distracted over the past week or two by the arrival of this really great new baby in my household. But even throughout all this time, I can’t help but be aware that there’s a civic election happening (October 21st). Since I was fortunate enough to get involved with this team of volunteers who created VoteKit – a local non-partisan initiative that is geared towards encouraging Calgarians to get out to the polls – I seem to have been hearing a lot of talk about why people don’t vote.

  • Studying up on School Trustees

    Picture the scene. You arrive at the polling station on October 21. You know which candidate you like for mayor and who’s getting your vote for City Council. You’re ready. But then … a curveball. The person at the table just inside the door asks which ballot you want for school board trustee. Now you […]

Our heartfelt thanks to First Calgary Financial for the generous donation that made the VoteKit Project possible.