VoteKit strives to be a resource for clear, unbiased information about how to vote in elections so that all eligible Calgarians can voice their opinions about who should represent them as their Mayor, Councillor and School Trustee at the municipal level, Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) at the provincial level and Member of Parliament (MP) at the federal level. 

The VoteKit Team

We are a group of volunteers who have come together with the single goal of increasing voter turnout. As engaged individuals, we have our own political opinions and may even be supporting campaigns as volunteers or donors, but we all believe strongly that Calgarians should have access to clear information about how to make their voice heard on election day without any partisan slant. For us, success means a greater number of Calgarians exercise their right to vote, regardless of who is elected.


VoteKit Calgary was originally launched prior to the Calgary 2013 Municipal Election. The initial volunteer team included Kurt Archer, Nancy Close, Ellen Cseke, Zoey Duncan, Paul Haavardsrud, Sam Hester, Gillian Hickie, Mark Hopkins, Michael Ireton, Cheri Macaulay and Chris Wharton. We’re grateful to Barbara Clifford of the City of Calgary, Alison Loat of Samara Canada, First Calgary Financial and Good Company for their support in rolling the whole thing out, not to mention a small army of event volunteers and the wonderful peeps who filmed, edited, voiced and translated our first VoteKit Live video.

Volunteers currently contributing to this project include:

Kurt Archer
Nancy Close
Col Cseke
Ellen Cseke
Kate Easton
Jerry Fawcett
Franca Gualtieri
Paul Haavardsrud
Sam Hester
Gillian Hickie
Mark Hopkins
Cheri Macaulay
Chris Wharton