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It’s Never Too Early to Start Talking About Voting

11 Oct 2013

By Ros Doi | This week I’ll be in a grade six classroom three times.  I’m not a teacher, but through my work at Youth Central, and particularly through Youth Can Vote – I’m lucky enough to sometimes feel like an educator. But this week, I know I’m about to get an education.  This week […]

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Voting: What’s in it for me? (A very short study guide for students)

10 Oct 2013

By Zoey Duncan | There was a time when being a post-secondary student went hand-in-hand with rebelling against administration, government and hygiene. Where campus culture and politics were as closely entwined as exam time and caffeine. That time of hyper-engagement did not overlap with my years in university. School-wide, apathy for the extracurricular on my […]

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Voting FAQ: How does a person vote if they’re in hospital long term?

27 Sep 2013

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Voting FAQ: How many people am I voting for?

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5 Painless Things You Can Do Before The Election To Make Voting A Cinch

20 Sep 2013

By Zoey Duncan | Sure, a municipal election is tough on the candidates. They spend endless hours walking neighbourhoods knocking on doors to introduce themselves to voters, but they also have to thoroughly learn the issues of each neighbourhood their desired ward encompasses. But hey, us voters have it tough too. We’ve all heard “each […]

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