Did somebody say “election”?

23 Mar 2015

By The VoteKit Calgary Team |

With Alberta’s next provincial election just around the corner, VoteKit Calgary is once more ready and eager to help everyone who can vote to vote. Here’s what we’re doing to help Albertans get prepared for an election day this spring and make our voices heard:

30 Days to Vote

It can be hard to decide who to vote for if you wait until election day to think about it. Whether you’re a first-time voter or a veteran of the polling booth, 30 Days to Vote wants to help get you ready to cast your ballot by walking you through some simple steps.

Those who sign up for 30 Days to Vote will begin receiving regular emails from VoteKit as soon as the election is announced and for the month leading up to Election Day. These emails will cover everything from voting basics and important dates to information that will help Albertans get up to speed on the election, the candidates, the issues and more.

We hope our non-partisan campaign will help more Albertains make informed decisions and head for the voting booth.

VoteKit Live

For anyone who hasn’t voted before, elections raise a lot of questions. How do I vote? What happens when I arrive at the voting station? What do I need to bring? To answer these questions and more, we’re planning a series of VoteKit Live events where we’ll set up a room to look like an official voting station and invite Calgarians to walk through the process of voting. It’s a chance to experience the voting process from beginning to end before heading to the polls on election day. Questions will be answered and new connections made.

VoteKit Live events will be co-hosted with the Calgary Public Library. Dates, times and participating library branch locations will be announced once the election has been called.

Democracy Talks

Research tells us that just talking about politics and discussing community issues in everyday life can lead to an increase in participation. Democracy Talks is a Samara Canada initiative for organizations, community groups and anyone looking for a fresh way to engage their community members and reach people who are not currently engaged in the democratic process. Find out more at Samara Canada’s website and stay tuned for Democracy Talks hosted by VoteKit Calgary in the coming months.



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