Election 42: What an experience that was!

1 Dec 2015

It is hard to believe it was only a few short weeks ago that Canadians went to the polls in record numbers to vote for our 42nd Parliament. What was most  inspiring was the huge number of national and local non-partisan grassroots movements in support of voting!  We enjoyed the info graphics, the hilarious videos, the policy briefs, the surveys, the stickers, the photos and most of all the conversations. Which leads us to what keeps us smiling, hands waving in the air with excitement: the daily conversations about politics. Across our country, Canadians are talking about the issues, about their representatives, about our democracy, and we are doing it with enthusiasm, care and compassion and as a practical part of our daily lives.

Before we dive in to what’s next, we want to take a moment to share our sincere thanks to everyone who participated in our federal version of VoteKit.Our heartfelt and enthusiastic thanks to: 

Good Company for designing our graphics and website and generally making us look good!
The Calgary Public Library and the leadership of Civic Literacy Librarian Jerry Fawcett whose knowledge and passion for civic engagement are above and beyond!  And, to the staff who welcomed us with open arms at Central, Crowfoot, Judith Umbach, Saddletowne and Shawnessy, not only do you have beautiful library locations, you do incredible work in our community!Elections Canada for encouraging your Community Outreach Coordinators to help at our VoteKit Live events. We all learned something new about engaging people where they are.

CBC Eyeopener, Angela Knight and the Do Crew! It was such fun to work directly with you and your volunteers. Thanks to you we now have a new favourite heartwarming story of the family that heard you talking about our VoteKit Live event on the Eyeopener then showed up at the Crowfoot library because they wanted their two daughters to learn how to vote, and they wanted to do that at ‘their’ library.John Beebe of Samara Canada for coming to Calgary to lead the workshop in training a variety of community groups to host their very own Vote PopUp live events.

DDRC, The Drop In Centre, Beltine Community Group along with many others for hosting their own live events and engaging their colleagues, clients and neighbours.
Our steadfast volunteer team, and our new volunteers for helping us perfect a process that engages all of us in inspiring conversations about why voting matters.And last, but not least, all of YOU who participated and supported our Election 42 initiatives.

We continue to have a lot of fun with our VoteKit project. Of course, we will be back at it, in some shape or form, for our local municipal election in 2017 but we’ve also got one or two exciting initiatives in the brainstorming stage that we plan to tackle long before that.
Watch for another update soon!

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