Hey Calgary voters and voters-to-be

9 Sep 2015

By The VoteKit Calgary Team |

Election day is coming up on October 19 and once again VoteKit wants everyone who can vote to vote. If you’re interested in learning more about how to vote, finding out information about the upcoming Federal election, or helping others to vote, then VoteKit is here to help.

How are we doing that? First off, VoteKit is once again offering 30 Days to Vote. Sign up and in the month before the election you’ll receive regular emails that will go over everything from voting basics and important dates to information on the candidates, issues, and more. Sign up for 30 Days to Vote here.

We’re also hosting VoteKit live events at libraries around Calgary. For first-time voters, infrequent voters, or anyone who just wants a refresher, VoteKit Live offers a practice run at voting before the real thing. Parents can also bring younger family members to introduce them to the voting process. Volunteers will welcome you to our simulated voting stations, go over what you need to bring to vote, take you to a ballot box, and answer questions along the way.

Our next VoteKit Live events are scheduled for Monday, September 14 at the Judith Umbach Library in Huntington Hills and Friday, September 18 at the downtown Central Library. Check our website often for more information about these and other VoteKit Live events being scheduled. Interested in volunteering for a VoteKit Live event? We’d love to have you. Please get in touch here.

If you’re a community group that wants to host a pop-up event, then VoteKit can make that easy. Contact us here for a step-by-step guide and a voting kit (thanks to Samara Canada and Elections Canada) that will provide all the tools you need to put on your own event.

(In case we haven’t been introduced: VoteKit is a volunteer-run project that aims to remove barriers to voting by sharing non-partisan information on elections and knowledge about how to vote.)

Election day is October 19.

Let’s all be ready to vote!


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