Because it’s 2016

23 Mar 2016

From The VoteKit crew | “Women are half of the world’s population, and as such their voice should be heard in the democratic process. Democracy needs women in order to be truly democratic, and women need democracy if they are to change the systems and laws that preclude them, and preclude them, and preclude societies as […]

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Election 42: What an experience that was!

1 Dec 2015

It is hard to believe it was only a few short weeks ago that Canadians went to the polls in record numbers to vote for our 42nd Parliament. What was most  inspiring was the huge number of national and local non-partisan grassroots movements in support of voting!  We enjoyed the info graphics, the hilarious videos, the […]

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Event: Debating the “First Past the Post” system

19 Nov 2015

Do we need democratic reform? The Calgary Public Library is hosing a timely debate about democratic reform, which focuses on the issue of the “First Past the Post” system in Canadian elections. (A brief summary about “First Past the Post” can be found on Elections Canada’s website.) Debating will be Michelle Rempel, MP for Calgary […]

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Think your vote doesn’t matter? Think again.

13 Sep 2015

By The VoteKit Live crew | Ask the good citizens of Calgary-Glenmore if one vote makes a difference. After the nail-biter finish in the May 2015 Alberta Provincial Election, we think they’re much more likely to answer with “you better believe it”. When results were announced on election night, the top two candidates finished with […]

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Hey Calgary voters and voters-to-be

9 Sep 2015

By The VoteKit Calgary Team | Election day is coming up on October 19 and once again VoteKit wants everyone who can vote to vote. If you’re interested in learning more about how to vote, finding out information about the upcoming Federal election, or helping others to vote, then VoteKit is here to help. How […]

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VoteKit expands initiatives to encourage voter turnout

9 Apr 2015

Information released to the media this morning: VoteKit Calgary launches campaign to encourage more voters to participate with confidence in 2015 Alberta General Election  With less than four weeks until Alberta’s 2015 General Election, VoteKit Calgary has launched two initiatives to increase voter turnout. Earlier this week, VoteKit Calgary initiated 30 Days to Vote, an email campaign that […]

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Did somebody say “election”?

23 Mar 2015

By The VoteKit Calgary Team | With Alberta’s next provincial election just around the corner, VoteKit Calgary is once more ready and eager to help everyone who can vote to vote. Here’s what we’re doing to help Albertans get prepared for an election day this spring and make our voices heard: 30 Days to Vote […]

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VoteKit 1.0: The Wrap Up

10 Dec 2013

By Michael Ireton | The campaigns are over, the lawn signs have disappeared like the leaves from the trees, and the 2013 municipal election in Calgary is in the history books. It’s hard to believe more than a month has passed since the election! What used to be “Aldermen” are now “Councillors”–and there are 4 […]

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Everyday Political Citizens

8 Nov 2013

By Alison Loat | With all the excitement elections generate in the media and among those who follow politics, it can be easy to forget that building a healthy democratic culture requires not only voting, but finding ways to participate in between elections.  Too often after the votes are tallied, pundits take a day or […]

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VoteKit LIVE!: The comic strip – Part 2

21 Oct 2013

So, I’ve been a bit distracted over the past week or two by the arrival of this really great new baby in my household. But even throughout all this time, I can’t help but be aware that there’s a civic election happening (October 21st). Since I was fortunate enough to get involved with this team of volunteers who created VoteKit – a local non-partisan initiative that is geared towards encouraging Calgarians to get out to the polls – I seem to have been hearing a lot of talk about why people don’t vote.

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