Think your vote doesn’t matter? Think again.

13 Sep 2015

By The VoteKit Live crew |

Ask the good citizens of Calgary-Glenmore if one vote makes a difference. After the nail-biter finish in the May 2015 Alberta Provincial Election, we think they’re much more likely to answer with “you better believe it”.

When results were announced on election night, the top two candidates finished with 7015 votes each, triggering an automatic recount. In the end, the MLA now serving in the Alberta Legislature was declared the official winner by 6 votes. Six votes! Imagine six neighbours getting together for dinner in Calgary-Glenmore before Election Day and thinking none of their votes mattered when in fact their six votes may have decided that election.

Every single vote matters and at VoteKit, we want everyone who can vote to vote. That’s why we created VoteKit Live, an opportunity for Calgarians to visit a simulated voting station prior to the election, cast a practice ballot and have all their voting questions answered along the way. We started with one VoteKit Live event during the 2010 Calgary Municipal Election then partnered with Calgary Public Library in the 2015 Provincial Election to offer VoteKit Live at several library locations.

When the 2015 Federal Election was called in August, we took VoteKit Live one step further still, inviting Calgary organizations to join our efforts to get more people voting. We hosted a training workshop with help from John Beebe of Samara Canada where we shared the importance of talking about politics, the need to inspire others to vote and gave everyone a firsthand look at how easy it is to run your very own Vote Pop Up event.

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Thanks to the great resources created by Samara in partnership with Elections Canada, not to mention the possibility of financial support through the Calgary Foundation’s Stepping Stones grant program, the following local organizations are now working on their own Vote Pop Ups:  Airdrie Public Library, Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre ( DDRC), Poverty Talks, Youth Central, the Calgary Drop-In Centre, and even one very keen self-organized group of Beltline neighbours!


As for us, we’ll not only be supporting these groups with some cool resources of our own, we’ll also be hosting VoteKit Live events in partnership with the Calgary Public Library at branches citywide. If your group is interested in hosting a Vote Pop Up in Calgary, why not come to one of these six sessions and see how it’s done? Because Voting Matters. Just ask the voters of Calgary-Glenmore.

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