VoteKit Live!

23 Sep 2013

We are a group of civic-minded individuals with a big idea and we need your help to pull it off!

Like you, we see the value of more Calgarians becoming informed, engaged and regular voters. With a predicted voter turn out of lower than 30% in the upcoming civic election October 21 and past voter turn outs of less than 50%, we know there are many citizens who don’t take the time to vote.

We also know there are lots of reasons why people don’t vote so we decided to start a conversation with Calgarians about the importance of voting. We’ve not only launched this new website to kickstart that very conversation but we’re also hosting VoteKit Live, a fun, interactive event where people – especially first time voters – can learn just how easy it is to vote.

We’ll set up a room to look like an official voting station, so that registered guests can walk through the process of voting. From the parking lot to the ballot box, VoteKit Live will recreate the voting experience and have some fun with it at the same time. We’re confident the evening will spark some great conversations about voting.

VoteKit Live

Monday, September 30, 7-9pm

Genesis Centre of Community Wellness

7555 Falconridge Blvd NE, Calgary

RSVP Required

VoteKit Live is a free event but registration is required to attend. Please register here: