More Talk About Voting

 “When I was about sixteen, I was approached by a girlfriend to help her on a campaign. We went and stuffed envelopes for the candidate.”
“My mother-in-law, she never went to go for voting, but at that time she went to polling station and her husband was saying I like Mr. A, she said no, I like Mr. B, and she vote for Mr. B and you know, Mr. B he won by one vote. By one vote! … It is our right, we have to vote, and if we want some change, positive change in our society… first of all, it is to start from voting.”
“One of my first memories is, is going to see my mom at a polling station because she was one of the ladies who swore people in with the Bible – that’s how long ago it was … when you’re a kid and you kinda see a good representation of what being a citizen is, you kind of carry that through the rest of your life.”
“When I turn eighteen, I was too excited to go for voting…when they ask for me for ID, I was like, ‘oh, wow, I didn’t bring any ID because I didn’t know I need to’…because I thought it was a small village where everyone knows each other, so…I don’t know, I was being silly, I just didn’t think of it.”
“My voting story is actually about a voting scandal… somebody actually submitted 1200 votes from the same address. Thank goodness it was caught, but it did lead to a court case.”
“When I leave from Iraq, I can’t vote because I am not eighteen… when I went to Dubai, I am resident, not [citizen]… so all my life I didn’t voting… maybe next voting, I will vote [in Canada].”
“Mother and father go to voting I think in 1998… this time you have only two, Saddam Hussein and another one, so everybody vote for Saddam in this time.”
“When I first vote, it was in Japan… I feel honoured to vote, because I feel like I’m one of the Japanese… it was kind of weird because the paper was so like, the normal paper… I felt so good.”
“In my home country, old people like to vote but young people like to go out!”
“I line up one hour and a half… I have to pick up my kid from daycare… so vote is not in my mind anymore.”
“I was never interested in politics…but then, last year I had some time to think about what’s important to me…I realized that the decisions that are being made, it affects my life and my family, and those are the people that I care for.”